1903 Born on 15-07-1903 to Sri. Kumarasamy Nadar and  Smt. Sivakami Ammal at Virudhupatti ( Now - Virudhunagar ) named as Kamachi.
1908 Started his schooling at Enathi Nayanar Vidhyasala and Kshatriya Vidhya Sala Virudhunagar.
1909 Father died.  Stoped Schooling.  Maternal Uncle Sri. Karuppayah Nadar elected as Chennai M.L.A.,
1919 At the age of 16, Responded to Gandhiji's call for protest against Rowlatt act by enrolling himself as a full time member of the congress party.  He participated in inviting speakers, organizing meetings and collecting funds for the party.
1920 Participated in the Civil Dis-obedience Movement.
1923 Participated in the Nagpur Flag Satyagraha and the Boycott of Toddy Shops at Madurai.
1926 Involved in election work along with S. Satyamoorhti ( an orator & parliamentarian) and Srinivasa Iyengar.
1930 He also participated in the march to Vedaranyam led by Rajagopalachari as part of the Salt Satyagraha of March 1930 and sentenced to two years of imprisonment at Alipur Jail.
1937 Won the M.L.A seat of Virudhunagar at the General Election.
1941 Arrested and lodged in the Vellore Jail for propaganda against the war fund.
1947 Elected member of  All India Congress Committee.
1952  Became Tamil Nadu Congress Leader for the fifth time.
1954 On April 13th became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.  Elected from Gudiyatham constituency by-election.
1956 Introduced Free NOON MEAL SCHEME in Schools.
1960 Introduced Free education Up to 11th Standard for poor children.
1962 Became CM of Tamilnadu consecutive third time after won the general election.
1963 Introduced "Free Education" for all. On October 2nd resigned the CM post as per his own "Kamaraj Plan" to rejuvenate the Congress.
1964 Elected as  President of All India Congress Committee.  Paved way for Sri. Lal Bahadur Shastri to become Prime Minister, after Pandit Nehru. 

Played an active roll, in INDO-PAK war.

1966 Again played a  vital roll to resolve the political uncertainty  due to sudden dismay of Prime Minister Shri. Lal Bhadur Sastri, by selecting Smt. Indira Gandhi as PM to India.
1969 Elected as Nagarcoil M.P.  Mother passed away.
1971 Re-elected as MP from Nagercoil Constituency.
1972 Presented with Thamira patra.
1975 Left this world on 2nd October 1975, the same day of Mahatma Gandhi's birth day.